Monday, February 18, 2008

Worst weather I have ever run in !


Well it didnt exactly turn out like I planned. There were a couple of things that really slowed me down.

1) The weather sucked, a couple of hours before the start of the race it was -7C and belive it or not raining. By 10am the worrld was an Ice Rink. It was impossible to get any kind of footing , folks were wiping out everywhere. It rained through the entire race, I wasnt prepared for this and well I got wet and cold and very heavy with rain soaked clothes ! Next running investment is some proper clothing!

2) I got a really bad cramp at the 8.5Km mark. I was going to pick up the pace a little but I had a cramp that stayed with me to te end . For the next couole of Ks I wa bent over running with pain. I considered walking but I knew I woudl freeze and porbably not be able to finish or pick it up again. I slowed to a 6:00/6:30 pace and maagd , pickd it up a little at the 11K mark but never fully recovered.

Lesson learned .... dont run in cold wet weather without proper clothing. Another plus would have been to have somthing to slip over the shoe for traction . I saw folks with these runnber things that seemed to give them a bit more traction.

The race was very well done, it would have been fun of the weather had have cooperated. I was ready for a cold run ... not a wet one ! Looking forward to spring and the warmer / longer runs.


Results ...
63 454 Ronald Irwin 1:08:42 LM45-49 7/9 49 8:35 1:08:34 Durham

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