Saturday, February 2, 2008

Back on track

Back to back runs Friday/Saturday.

Friday I did 13.4 km on the treadmill in 1:08. 1-5K was an easy pace of 11 kmh, 5-10K it was at 12kmh all at a 1% grade. At the 10K mark I lowerd the treadmill to flat an cranked the speed to 13.3 kmh until I hit 12.4 K then over the next 1K I gradually slowed to 10 kmh. This is the same distance that I will be doing in the race Feb 17 , hope to do the race in anything under 1:05...I think its quiet doable !

Today , Saturday I did a 10K Road run , same one as last Sunday ! Temp was -3C , no wind and overcast. I wore light cotton PJ bottom uncer my running pants. On top it wasw my Metal Shirt with a heavy roots sweatshirt . Top it off with a wool hat and wool gloves and I was PERFECT ..... I now know how to dress for -3, wind could make a bit of a difference! Tried to keep a 5 min pace , came close .. finished in 50:35. If you factor in the +/- 200m in elevation I achieved my goal. 8.5-10K the legs felt a little tired , probably something to do with back to back running days ! Breakfast was at 09:30 Bacon / Eggs / Toast / OJ and Coffee ran at 12:30 without cramps ! When I finished I jumped in the Hot Tub with a tall glass of 1% milk and an energy bar , 18g of Protien.

Skiing on Sunday , run on Monday .


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