Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fast 10 today

Had a great 10K North on the 2nd and back today. Temps was -3C with wind from the South, wore PJ Bottoms/Running Pants , Metal shirt /Sweetshirt and because of the wind a Nylon Wind breaker.

First 5K I had the wind at my back , didnt realize that until I turned around and headed South. I also didnt relize how much the breeze helped the time , at the split it was 24:49. Though I would really break though the 50min mark until I headed back into the wind ! The run back was hard , managed to keep it together and came in at 49:43. A couple of things stand out about this run , the Avg heart rate has usually been around 158 ... this time it was 162. Usually I would feel a lack of O2 at this rate but not today ! Another thing , I forgot to wear my base layer in the middle that hold the boys in place ! On the way back I ended up with a rather frozen appendage .... I had to try to warm it up a bit !!!! This definelty slowed me down and caused a wee bit of discomfort after the run !

Getting use to the new kicks ! The Adidas Supernova 5 Trail is really differnet but I can see that its a better overall shoe than I have been using ! Its good to get advice and pay a few extra bucks , I will be back !

I am doing a 13.3K Race on Sunday , weather is suppose to be around the freezing mark with Snow. My goal is to break 1:05 but I think I may be abke to get to 1:02 . Not going to do much the next couple of days , maybe a light jog on Saturday just to keep loose !


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