Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fueled by Gummies

Today's 30K LSd took on two themes , the Weather and Gummie's! Haven't gone this long since the Road2Hope Marathon Nov 1! Weather was just great , temps around 10C , no wind ... hardly a whisper of air movement and Sun... WOW , is this really Nov 22? Headed out with Shorts , Compression T, Saugeen Tri Club Sugoi Running Jacket as well as a Buff. Heading out the door my family was teasing me , my 17 year old daughter said I looked like a Christmas tree! Looked in the mirror and she was right , the green running jacket with the red buff did have a seasonal theme about it! Then my wife mention to my 9 year old son that I was going to get tights...more laughter! Planned a 3 hour or 30K run today. First 7K is straight South on the 2nd , by the time I get to the end I usually can predict hoe the reset of the run was going to go and I was feeling very good! Dropped into the Conservation area and then did a loop around town , past Tim's, past the Beer Store and over the third Dam heading to the arena. Stopped briefly at the Arena , really really really had to go! When I stopped I instantly got soaked with sweat ... I hate stopping but it had to be done. It took a couple of Ks to get comfortable again. When I headed back into the park I was starting to bonk , about 20Ks done ... no gels , 250ml of Gator Aide . Wasn't sweating too much but I suspected a bit of dehydration or I was running out of energy! I had a bag of Gummie Bears so I pulled them out and was really enjoying the munch. About 10 minutes later I started picking up the pace and felt really good! Better then I ever feel in the last 1/3 of the LSD , I was running my fastest Ks of the day. For the last 10Ks I constantly ate Gummies , every half K I popped a couple of more!

SO , big revelation here .... when I was starting to fatigue an slow down it was a feeling of being tired and and O2 deprivation. As soon as I hit the gummies the breathing went back to normal and the pace picked up. Looking back on some of the events I did this summer I now realize that I wasn't fueling enough ...HANDS DOWN.

So it was a great learning day about bring in the carbs and ... I learn so much in these LSDs . I like Gummies and they are allot less $$ then Gels. In the cooler weather I don't need nearly the same amount of electrolytes but the carbs are a must. Here is to many Gummie runs this winter!

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