Thursday, June 10, 2010

Better middle distance Run today

Wanted to run yesterday, 14C/Rain/Overcast ...didn't feel like it , looked at the Treadmill...Nah, tomorrow! There was nice conditions today ,14C overcast and no rain. Decided to do a 20 something Ks . I haven't been doing enough of this distance lately. Did my Townsend Lake, Bells Lake, Traverston the the Ferns loop. My objective was a consistent pace and to finish feeling like I could do it again. Well it was just one of those days were it all comes together . The kind of run where you just forget what it is your doing and float along lost in your mind. The Garmin was along for the ride but I wasn't looking just pacing by feel. It felt like a 5:45 pace but turned out to be an avg 5:34. Was out there for 2hrs7min covering 22.8K ... may repeat it tomorrow!

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