Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LSD Tueday...

34.4K tough LSD today , I knew I wasn't going to have the best day when 400 meters in I began cramping and my right ankle hurt. I shook off the initial troubles and was feeling pretty good through 10K. Headed South on the 2nd , East on the Edges Rd then South on the WGR. When I got to hwy 4 instead of going east on hwy 4 I continued straight up Hutton Hill then came into town via the Trailer Park Rd. I felt pretty good heading into town but it didn't last long. Started to run out of steam around the 23K mark. Stopped and refilled the water bottle with G2 ... that's Gator Aide Light , only 7 grams of carbs! The last 10K were a combo of walk run. Finishing it felt more like a 50K outing ... weird!

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