Friday, June 4, 2010

West Grey Runner Jr.

Yup , there is a 2nd WGR out there, Noah!

Noah recently did rather well in his schools track and field day. The 10 year old grade 4 student went on to represent his school in the 100m at the Bluewater District Meet. He is a very competitive kid with a passionate desire to win!

The night before the Track Meet he was injured after his Baseball Game. He was on his way back from the washroom when he ran right into the path of some guys warming up. He was hit hard on his right cheek bone. I arrived moments after it happened , he was down and was conscious but stunned and wasn't crying! It didn't look good , his eye was instantly turning dark. The impact was so hard that I could see the stitch marks of the ball imprinted on his skin. Fortunately there was a paramedic at the game. After a quick initial investigation broken bones and a concussion were ruled out. Next stop was the hospital and some relief after the doctor reaffirmed what the paramedic told us. Noah's only concern through all this was that he was going to miss the track meet!

After a night of Ice and Advil the Eye wasn't too swollen so got the OK from Mom to compete! I couldn't be there after working all Nights but Mom , Grama and Grampa were. Noah finished 4th in the qualifying heat. Mom said that he had some issues with form trying to see who was around and where he was going. Grampa had an idea and came up with a strategy to help him out in the final! Grampa stood at the end of the track and the plan was to have Noah focus on him as he ran. Well the plan worked and Noah won the Final.

Can't help but think Noah has a future in Ultra Running!

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Vava said...

Congrats to Noah! Awesome battle scars - he looks like Steve Nash!