Saturday, February 4, 2012

Creemore Snow Run

Almost didn't make it today. Woke up at 1am and that was it until 5am that I went back to sleep. There was no way I was going to make the "race" start. Being a fun Run it was very informal .... a 7K loop do what you want, start around 09:00 am finish around 3:00 pm. Woke up a little after 08:00 ...was hesitant at first but as soon as the cobwebs cleared I wanted to Run. Made my way to Creemore a little after 11:00 am and was on the trail at 11:13 am. Ran the first couple of Ks with Kinga , Steve and Adi a few hundred meters ahead. I caught up with Steve and Adi on the up hill road section and stuck with them for a few Ks. Started taking HD Video shots here and there and shot lots of footage over the next two loops. The footing was pretty good. Being late the snow covered trail was pretty beaten it was about as good as you can possibly get in the Winter. It was overcast with flat light which made things a little tough to see but wearing Sun Glasses really helped. The temperature was hovering just around freezing .... very comfortable. I was wearing tights, long sleeve breath right thermal and my Saugoi Firewall Jacket. I thought I may be a little overdressed but it seemed to be OK. When I was hot I unzipped the Jacket. Half way through my second loop I ran with Kinga for a bit. We chatted about he H.U.R.T experience...a truly amazing accomplishment. Heading out on the third loop I was alone, grabbed a bottle of water as I headed out. I didn't do any nutrition and only consumed one bottle of water and was quiet OK. I also turned on my iPhone and listened to tunes over the speaker ... I quickly got lost in the music and my thoughts and didn't give much thought to the effort. I wasn't really sure if I was going to do a 4th loop but then I realized that next weekends short race meant that I wouldn't be able to do an LSD. I was feeling great after the third loop so I headed out trying to make it the fastest loop of the day completing the 28K in under 4 hours. Half way through the final loop I felt like I could use some nutrition. I managed to keep the pace up and finished 28K in 4hrs8min7sec.

I will be posting some videos when I have had a chance to do some editing.

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Stephen Bradshaw said...

Hey Ron, totally missed you out there yesterday! Was a really awesome day, great host(Pierre), weather was perfect and lot's of really interesting people. Nice blog and look forward to seeing some video of the event!
Take care,