Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ditto yesterday ....

For the 4th consecutive day I rolled out of Bed , did a lite breakfast then jumped on the treadmill. Strangely enough its getting easier ...2nd day was the worse! Today it was a constant run at a 5:45 pace for 20K then a 1K cool down. Entertained myself by watching a show on Oasis showing the earth from the Space Shuttle Endeavor ... cool show . The second hour was Music Videos.

Looked at the heart rate on Sunday 1 hour in and it was 13obpm, checked yesterday 1hr45min in and it was 129bpm and then checked today at 1hr50min and it was 128bpm. Back to back to back to back 20+K runs are not stressing things much. So far no pain but I do carry around this giddy high sort of feeling....what a dopamine addict I am!

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