Monday, February 13, 2012

Running bits are OK

Wiped out going full tilt last night at Blue. Cant lift my left arm above my shoulder. Left calf took it pretty good too but fortunately the hips and knees were spared. All I could think as I was tumbling along is god please don't let me get hurt and why the hell isn't my bindings releasing!!!! The helmet saved me too...took such a good whack to the head that I couldn't hear for minute or so. I am trying to go back to back top back ... longer and slow this week. Logged another 21K on the treadmill this morning ...watched the Grammys! First 10K were at a 5:45 pace the picked it up the second 10K to a 5:30 pace ending with a 1k walking cool down. Off to blow snow now.

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Janice said...

Sorry about your wipeout! That must've been scary. Personally, I think you should switch to snowboarding. Less likely to damage knees and hips with one leg going one way and the other heading in a different direction!