Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shorts in February

4C, Sun and a light Breeze made for a rather pleasant day to take it outside. Wore Shorts, my Breath Thermo Top and Shell as well as a compression Toque and Gloves. I was quiet comfortable to a we bit warm. All those runs last week as well as wearing shorts made for a much quicker pace today. Went North on the 2nd then east on Holland Glenelg line until I headed South on the base line to Grey Rd 12 towards the second again. Covered 17K at an avg 5:29 pace. I wasn't trying to run faster it just turned out to be today's comfortable pace. It was really good to be running outside again ...miss the hills. The running surface was really variable , icy to mucky and everywhere in between.

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Janice said...

Am very impressed that you were in shorts. Am feeling inspired. First warm day that comes soon, I may don a pair myself!I'm itching to hit the Brant Tract.