Friday, October 5, 2012

Back at it after giving in to a cold!

First outdoor run in Oct logged today.  Temps in the low teens ,  overcast and breezy made it feel a bit cool at the start but I quickly became comfortable logging 11.2Ks at an avg 7:15 pace.   I came down with a cold bug Mon Eve,  Tues it was the sore throat followed by the runny nose Tues Eve.  After a sleepless night I called in sick on Wed and more or less rested.  Yesterday I was feeling better but didn't want to push it so today was my first run.     Felt pretty good but I didn't want to push it any further.   With VB in a week I want to do another 2 trail runs Sat/Sun in the mid to high teen Ks.    My right foot was bothering me a bit today.  I wore my new much stiffer Super Novas but I think they are causing me more grief then the Mazunos.  I will give the softer shoes a try tomorrow.

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