Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Kicks

 Tried out the Saucony Exodus Gore-Tex on the treadmill at lunch.   A very solid shoe with lots of protection under foot and I suspect amazing traction!   Shoes are funny when you tale them off creating suction sound.   For sure they don't breath much and I notice that the feet were a little warmer. The label claims " Guaranteed to keep you dry" ... yeah right!    I expect that they will rock in wet snow,  light to moderate rain  and heavy dew.  I suspect they will not be the shoe to wear during downpours or river crossing.  The idea of water getting in but have no where to go is not so pleasant.     Like anything else new in the running Arsenal some things work and some things don't  .... the jury is out on the shoes.   One thing for sure  its not what I will be wearing at VB on Saturday.

 Logged a 5K run at a 5:00 pace today with the new shoes.

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Janice said...

Water sloshing in the shoes is never fun. Had that experience at the half-ironman. Didn't like the blisters that resulted! Good luck with your upcoming race!