Saturday, November 17, 2012

Creemore Training Run

Made my way to Ceemore today via Varney to pick up Grant.   We did were out to run the 10.5K loop that the 100 miler will be held on in 2 weeks.   I have been doing lots this past week so the goal was to do a 3-4 hour run.   Had a big breakfast at Tims and arrived in Creemore around 08:40 am.  We were off a half hour later on a beustiful late fall day.  Wore my new Mizuno Tights ,  Mizuno Mid Weight Breathe Thermal Compression Shirt with a Mizuno Warmalite on Top,  Gloves , Compression Bennie, Injji Toes Socks and my Adidas Super Nova Trail Shoes. .  I knew I would be a bit overdressed for the +2C temps and 2K in I took off the Warmalite.    We had Sun a little breeze and temps on the way up to a max of 7C and I was very comfortable.   I regulated my temp mostly by  removing the hat when I was hot and putting it back on when I was cool.

The 10.5K loop was well thought out for a winter 100 miler.  First 2-3 K are flat and fast on a road.  The next couple of Ks were mostly a gentle climb to a trail.  The trail turned back into a road  with about 5K remaining.   There was a long gentle 1K section leading to Airport Road then a couple of K back to the start finish along the River.

Logged 3 loops covering a distance of 31.5K  in 4hrs17min for an avg 8:11 pace.     Race pace will be a 90 minues/loop so I wasnt to far off that mark.    Two weeks from now I am planning on 15+ loops to complete the 100 miles.

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