Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outside in the snow again.

Headed to Allan Park today for my last longish run before Creemore.   Stopped at Tims for a big breakfast after pick up Grant.  Started running around 09:00 ,  full belly and big Head due to 2 or 3 too many Guinness last night.  Ran in the snow but not breaking trail,  feet remained dry.   Wore the same thing with the exception of the 2nd layer up top.  Today I tried out my Mizuno Mid Weight Breathe Thermal,  a little lighter then yesterday top and a wee bit better for the -2C.    Ran for 2 hours 37 minutes logging around 19Ks ( forgot to turn the Garmin on).   


Only 6 more sleeps until Creemore.  

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