Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday November 12 - " I like your style mon"

4th consecutive 20K run done in Run Away Bay Jamaica today.  Slept late and it was  a whole lot hotter today pushing 30C.  Temps and lots of Sunshine made for a tough run today.    Felt like I was going to be sick around 12K,   took on a glass of water at 15K ,  wiped out on the beach at 17K.  The crowing achievement was the finish.  The Aide Station AKA Pool Bar had just opened up when I finished.    I said " I need a glass of Water ,  a few ounces of dark Rum and a Beer.  Not necessarily in that order and I will have one and two done before you finish pouring 3".  The Bar tendered replied " I like your style Mon".   Downed the Water and 3 ounces of Run before he finished pouring the Beer.  Its good to run on Holidays!

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