Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saturday November 10th

2nd Runaway Bay Run completed....fully expected to see Jimmy Buffet along the way but he didn't show.   The weather cooperated again,  temps in the mid 20's, 80% Humidity but overcast Sky's and a stiff breeze made for bearable running conditions .   Spent quite allot of time sitting at the Lobby Bar last night drinking what ever came my way.   Meet a hard partying young couple from TO who had me drinking something the call "Jolly Rancher" shots.  It wasn't the Beer but probably the Bartenders special drink called " Antonio's Surprise" that had a fair bit to "Tokillyah" in it ....anyhow I had a really big head when I headed out at 7:45 this morning ...   a bit of a rough start I would say.   For some reason I was a bit faster today logging my 20K at an avg 6:22 pace.

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