Monday, August 19, 2013

Back on the Trail

Returned to the trail today in a really neat way.    Did 12 laps of my trail that made last month. Equipped the ATV with Beer/Water but the best thing was an inverted with Sub/Speakers and iPod.    I strategically parked the ATV mid loop and I could hear the tunes for all but 250 metres.  Coming through the first  loop when I got within hearing distance it was pink Floyd "Comfortably Numb", a fantastic running tune...
 Finishing up it was Kid Rock "Born Free".

I was planning on doing a few more laps or at least one more to achive 10K.  As it turns out my Garmin said 9.99km.   So one Creemore Original led to 2 Creemore Originals which tasted like more so I fired up the ATV and made the quick trip to the house for a resupply.   The Music sounded just unbelievably good.  The Acoustics in the Forest were amazing.    I just sat on a big ass rock drinking beer ,  enjoying the after run glow is good,  very good.

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