Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lunch Run and Dirty Thoughts

 First mid ...FUN!    Jumped on the treadmill at 01:30 am for a 5K run at a 6:00 pace.    Running on mIds helps me change my body clock around.

 Dirty Girls Run lingered in my subconscious mind for a very long time.   During the run I had decided not to do the Woodstock 100 miler.   I remember thinking there is no way I am going to change my mind... well that changed.   FOR days after the run I dreamed about the DG run .... all good.   On Sunday after running 16 hour on both Fri and Sat I slept in till almost noon.  After breakfast I tore down a deck making way for my new hot tub.    By Tuesday all muscle pain was  gone ,  completely  gone.   The blister ( rub ) on the right heel was completely healed by Fri.   I was amazed at how quickly I recovered from this run.     One of the main reasons why I wasn't going to Woodstock is because its a 4-5 hour drive.    I am planning on driving to Mich race day morning arriving 2-3 hours before the 4pm start.   Driving doesn't take a whole lot out of me but its still a bit of a tour before lacing up for somewhere near 30 hours.   The real concern is the return trip home.   The race will wrap up sometime Sat Eve ...10pm cutoff.   There wont be any jumping in the car and heading home like the DG.   I need some sleep before heading out!!!!    I don't know how well I will sleep in the Corolla.   Sunday could be a very long day.    Another conundrum is nutrition.  Its allot easier doing an 8K loop vs a 32K loop.  Passing by home 5 times vs 20 is a whole other ballgame.  Three  things really got me by at the DG, water bottles ,  Ice Cold Coke and Quaker Oatmeal to Go Bars ... the ones with Yogurt.  I didn't even carry a water bottle at the DG race  but anticipate having to carry stuff at Woodstock.   Thinking abut the Ultra Spire pack minus the bladder .... load up with Oatmeal Bars ,   carrier a disposable water bottle for refill .  Ideally it will be a drop bag or 2 with water bottles and coke!    Aid stations at Woodstock were really well stocked but I hate the idea if leaving it to chance.  Nutrition ,  Hydration and Electrolytes are key ... drop anyone of those and you are not going 100 miles....simple!  

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