Monday, October 20, 2014

Mid 7

 A little longer yet this morning logging 15K at a mostly 5:27 pace.  HR was a little higher tonight creeping up to the high 130's.

I thought the HR would plateau but instead it just kept increasing.  Recovery was the same as yesterday minus the 5 min sit down.    I would like to take it past 20K to see if the HR continues to increase.    I also need to determine my MAX HR .. been years since I did that...use to be around 165-170 but I have a suspicion its high 150's now.   Regardless of the HR data its more or less just another way to entertain myself on the Treadmill.

Speaking of Treadmill I really didn't mind it over the past 7 days.  The new found love of the dreadmill is the Hoka One One's ...they take all of the hurt away.  No sore joints or feet issues.  I cant imagine not running indoors in these shoes!  

Speaking of indoors now I have an opportunity to take it outside this week not returning to work until Saturday.  

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