Monday, October 6, 2014

Toad 50K - October 4, 2014 - Full Race Report

Results are up or should I say I finally found them!

I finished in 5:51:48  115th out of  161 participants,   82nd out of 103 men and 20th out of 27 men 50-59 years of age.

12.5 K Splits ...   1:19:08, 1:24:59, 1:36:02 and 1:32:37.

 Strangely enough I was quite satisfied by the way the day went.   I never did the death march and only walked on the third loop whist digging out my S Caps,  Tyelenol and MP3 player.     I did walk a bunch of the hills in the 3rd loop but started running them again in the final lap.    When I look at the results and where I finished in relation to the reset of the field well ,  I sucked!  

 Race day started early up 1.5  hours before my alarm at 3:45 am.  Did a nice long hot tub before leaving home around 6 am.    Arrived  with tons of time to spare.  Bumped into Grant and the guys he picked up in Guelph then headed back to my car ,  suited up then returned to the big tent finding a spot to keep warm.     I was debating tying a shell off around the wast but left it in the car.  Car was right on the course so I could grab it easily if needed.  It was around 8C and mainly overcast and gusty and I was dresses in shorts,  tech T ,  compression hat and  gloves...not overdressed by any means!  

Lap 1 ... couple of Ks in the hat came off and it would be that way pretty much for the rest of the day.  It was chilly but I was quickly comfortable.     I thought that he 25kers were delayed 30 minutes or so but it seemed like we were about 10 minutes in when a cannon boomed and someone commented that he 25Kers were off!      Gelled at the first aide station as planned ..... did   2 gels / loop the reset of the day ,   1 st aide station and past the start finish for a total of 7 gels all day!   Half way through the first loop I started to get blown away by the 25K folks.   Although I was running my pace it was rather hard mentally to have a sea of humanity constantly going by!     I was wearing a Garmin and was trying to get near a 6:00 pace through the first lap.   Tripped the  mat at 1:19:08 ,  4:08 over my desired goal or somewhere around a 6:20 pace.   OK but a bit disappointing I knew it would be a challenge to PB my 5:19 Toad!

Lap 2 ... still sucked getting passed by all the 25kers.  Remember  longing for those lonely races you know the ones where it feels like you are the only one on the course.  I hated the traffic so much I was thinking of not doing the Toad again!      Nothing was coming naturally to me.   It felt like I was pushing it through the whole loop.  I was drinking and gelling on sked so no issues there.    It was cold in places but I was still sweating ...wiped the occasional bead of sweat from the forehead.   I  really didn't like the cold but I know it made things a whole lot easier.  Finished the loop in 1:24:59 ... no hope of a Toad PB today now!

Lap 3 ... finally a ton of relief from the traffic 25Kers were all done.   I hadn't done any S Caps but had consumed 4 gels up to this time.   After the road section heading on to the first trail part of the loop I dropped 2 s caps ,  2 Tylenol  and turned the tunes on.   At the first aid station I loaded up on salted potato chips my first solids of the day.   As soon as the chips were done I gelled then it was just a matter of time before things kicked in.    I dropped a few minutes while I was doing all this but I knew it would pay off later on and it did.   Finished the loop in 1:36:02.

Lap 4 ... felt way better recovering from I am not sure what and was moving well.   Decided on a simple sub 6 hour goal to keep me focused.   Started leap frogging from Leanne and Alana  ... they looked very strong and were having a great run.   Did my 7th and last gel with about 7k remaining I wanted to finish strong and that's more or less what I did .   Finished the loop in 1:32:37.

  This was my 5th Toad 50 ...  2009 5:28:42,  2010 5:54:25, 2011 5:19:55,  2012 5:21:05.     I really thought I had a shot a breaking 5:20 so I was a little bit disappointed that I was so far off finishing 5:51:48...maybe next year!   Yup already forgot about getting blown away by the 25kers!

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Robin said...

Congrats on another Toad and your results look pretty good to me! I think that race was the Canadian Championships for the 50K no? That would explain your placement more than your perceived bad running! You were out there with a bunch of fasties :)Nice work.