Monday, July 8, 2019

Saturday Trail ... should have been road!

Planned a road run this weekend but it was smoking hot when I headed out mid afternoon therefore I decided to take it to the forest.   Broke  it up into two events.  Started with 6 laps on the backyard trail then I headed out for a loop around the neighborhood.  With the absence of the planned road / speed workout I picked up the pace on the Tractor Trail where i manged to roll the left ankle out rather badly.  It was one of those moments of extreme pain followed buy being pisses off.   Walked it off and after I started running slowly I did it again#@#@$$&#$7  .  Ended the first one at 10.9 km then hot the pool for a cool down before prepping for another 12 laps on the backyard trail...most important was the cooler and tunes.   Did 12 laps for a total of 10.4 km.

So long run day turned out to be somewhat abbreviated but I did manage 3+ hours of running in the 30C heat.  That should be enough ,  maybe next weekend I will hit the road,  Endur training pending.    I do have two planned heart runs this week and Thursday. 

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