Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Out of Service

I haven't been running for  almost a week now and it sucks.  This is only the third time since I started running in 2003 that I have been forced off my feet for a week or more.   Last Thursday in bare feet I dropped a rather large ,  heavy log on my left little toe.   It took two days to stop the bleeding!    I have more or less kept off my feet since the weekend had to skip the Tobermorry Trail Marathon Saturday...there was now way ,  absolutely no way.  My objective is to heal as quickly as possible with the next 50Ker being " The Bad Thing" in 18 days. 







Modified a shoe

Its still very painful to put pressure on the nail ,  OK standing on it.   Hope to do some easy trail stuff in the modified shoe in the next day or two....hop I haven't lost too much fitness . 

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