Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Road/Trail Run

Yesterday I got to give my new 21.5K course a try ! It was a great day , temps around 20C and Sunny. Did the first 1K in 5:30 , a great pace to start a long run ! Felt very relaxed and had lots of energy for about the first 8K , at the 40 minute mark I did a gel , this was also the point where I headed off on the new leg of my run . There was a guy doing Target practice at about the 10K mark , I didn't like where the target was in relation to the road I was running on so I yelled to them "Runner on the Road" , they stopped while I went by . There was a new really big hills at about the 14K mark . All and all the hills defiantly came into play ! Finished the run in 02:07:31 , seems slow to the 25K Race I ran in 2:10 a week ago but hey , there just wasn't the big hills and it was after all a race !
I do allot of blogging in my head when I am running that doesn't make it here. One thing that I always ponder is my technique ! I would say I am a heal striker that doesn't get up on the toes and more or less shuffles the feet along. Now and again I do tilt the hips ahead a wee bit more , land more on the balls of my feet , roll to the toes and then lift my leg as it move back! Sometimes its not good to change the "Natural Stride" but I believe its good to be aware and also practice some of things that I know I should be doing !


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