Sunday, September 2, 2007

Paradise Lake Trail Run , Sept 1 2007 .

Had a great race " 31 227 Ronald Irwin 2:10:39 HM 26/44 26 5:14 Durham " . It was allot of fun and much easier then my last trail race !

Started the morning at 5am , an hour before the alarm was to go off . Only had about 5 hours of so so sleep but I was ready . Had a breakfast of Oatmeal , English Muffin / Peanut Butter , Coffee and Milk . Jumped in the e hot tub for an hour and then it was off to Waterloo . It was about a 90 minute drive , had a hard time shaking off the tired sleepy feeling but I knew that wouldn't last . Consumed a gel pack on the way !

Arriving at the run , 08:30 the weather was beautiful , sunny anda bout 15C . Didn't do too much to warm , more or less just picked up the race kit , suited up and then realized in the sun . Race started at 09:30 , the 5K, 10K and 25K runners all started together ... 200 +.

The run started up a lane way , bit of a hill ... didn't change pace but I could tell that it would get bigger as I approached the 25K mark . After running back to the start we dropped into the woods. There wasn't any huge hills but there was lots of a few meters up and down . Trail markers were a little tough to follow in the bush but I was just following the other runners on the first loop. The course was a 5K loop done 5 times . I wasn't sure that I would like it but I figured that at least you would know what was coming up . Did a gel pack on the second loop at about the 40 minute mark ! The race thinned out after the 10K mark as there were only 60 runners on the 25K . Passed the 10K mark at 50 minutes , a 12Km pace or 5:00 min/K ..... I was happy and figured I should be able to keep it up ! The next 5 or so K were pretty easy , I was having fun and didn't feel tired . When I passed the start/finish for the third time or 15K mark I was starting to feel a wee bit tired but was keeping pace . Did another Gel Pack at about the 1:20 mark . The 4Th loop I was really staring to feel it but managed to keep the 12 km pace going . The last 5K I really started to fatigue , I am sure this is where I started to loose a bit of time . Anyway I had a good finishing kick in the last few hundred meters and finished in 2:10:39 , I felt good !

Going forward I am going to take my weekley "long run" up a notch to around the 20K mark . Not sure on the next race but I am looking at another 25K trail race at the start of October.


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