Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A warm run but glad to be out ...

Did may first run after Saturdays trail race , did about 10K in about 50 minutes. Never intended on running outside today but I had 1:15 for lunch , the weather looked great ... or so I thought.
Got about 500 meters out and I had a pain from an inadequate band aid cover a blister on my left heal ... PAIN. Turned around and went back and got one .... much better!
I checked the temperature a short time before I headed out and it said 22C ..... nice ! Got going and realized that it was somewhat warmer and about 100% humidity , boy was it hot! (Upon return it was 29C ... now that's one of the warmer runs I did) . Anyway today I battled the heat monster , it slowed me down a little .
The run was 4K Tar and Chip / 2K Gravel and 4K trail at the Allan Park Trout Pond ! The run to the trail was 3K but worth it when I got there ! I havent been on these trails for a dozen years, I use to Mountain Bike them . This was the first time I have ever ran them. Anyway I will be back , way way way better then running on a treadmill in the Gym... at least until the snow flys .
Dread the winter months , I was looking at a couple of races before the end of the year. Think I will do a 10K Thanksgiving , Mon Oct 8 and then a 6 Hour Ultra Trail Event on Oct 27 . The 6 hour one is where you go as far as you can in a 6 hour time span ... my goal is to hit 50K , hope I can do it !
Probably get another 10K in Thurs or Fri then I will do my long run on Sat or Sunday , I have a new 21.4K route .... Looking forward to it , maybe it will be a little cooler !


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