Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No time to blog or run but hey I made time ! haven't been sitting idle, when I am not running I think about running.

Did my 10.2 K road run on Sunday, 53:54 then on Monday I did the 16K loop in 1:31:11..

Its funny but no matter how far I run it seems like I have nothing left at the end, 10 , 16, 21 or 25 I AM DONE ! Part of it is pacing but I think a bigger part is mental. I have no idea how far I can go and how long it will take to get there but I think I am up to a 50K.

It was pretty warm on Sunday for the 10K run , heat was a bit of an issue and so too was o2 ! I didn't run since Tuesday and it does make a difference when I don't get out .... its going to be a long winter!

Mondays run was magical , time of day , weather and the time of year had everything to do with it! I went out at about 6pm after working all day. Temp was 26c which is really warm for this time of the year. First 1K was in 5:11 , good pace for the start of a longer run. Everything felt good but I knew I was going to feel it in my legs a little latter and I was right. The run was very picturesque, the leaves are starting to really turn colour and the sun was low in the sky! For awhile I had the Sun directly at my back , being low in the sky I had a running companion... my shadow! I was this giant with huge legs and a small body , when I went up hill I became shorter and going down I was Mr. Stretch all the way. Anyway it was fun watching my shadow ! About 40 minutes in I did a gel pack , first mouthful went down the wrong way making me choke. I kept going but had to slow down until I could breath again , it was at least another 10 minutes before I stopped coughing. Passed a total of 3 cars, counting cars has become somewhat of an amusing pastime , it reminds me of just how fortunate I am to live where I do and how laid back life really is in West Grey ! I have a huge hill to climb at about the 12K mark , I really felt a burning in my legs. Not enough to slow me down or make it uncomfortable but they sure were trying to tell me something. The last few K have a good 2K of gradual down hill through a very thick forest ... love to give er through this part of the run , especially when its starting to get dark ... sure makes you feel like you are flying ! The last 1/2K is a pretty good hill , climb about 20 meters and its always a sprint to the end !

may get out tonight , may wait and do a 21K tomorrow. Have to wait and see how the weather holds out or what the family is up to.


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