Friday, December 28, 2007

16K Yesterday

Did a 16K on the treadmill yesterday , not even sure about the time... somewhere around 80 minutes. Broke it up into thirds, 1st@11.5K 2nd@12.2 3rd@12.7. I haven't been running much in the way of distance in the last couple of months so it was a little tired. The treadmill is definitely harder on the joints, have a little something up with the right ankle. I only get this sort of thing on the treadmill . The constant repetitive nature is not great . Running on gravel roads, trails or even in the snow don't bring this sensation on. When the weather is crappy the treadmill is the only game around so I guess I will stick to it but stay away from distant runs until the weather improves in a few months.
I am pumped to get out on the road with the Garmen this weekend , hopefully the weather will allow me too!


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