Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Running in the Snow

Another first today, ran in the snow! It was just below freezing , a wee bit windy and there was the occasional squall! Did a 10K on 2nd , 5K towards Durham, turnaround was the Schmidt farm and then back ... all in the grand sum and total time of 53:35 ! Sounds slow but this spring when I did the 10K in under 45 I was running this route in about 49 and change !

This morning when I got up it was sunny , no wind and a couple of degrees below freezing ... Perfect! I waited a few hours then went out and I had about 30 seconds of Sun the rest was snow/blowing snow ! Wind chill was a factor too . Heading South towards Durham the wind was a little behind but more to the right of me. The front was pretty much shielded and I was comfortable . On my return it was a little different , wind was almost in my face ... more to my left . There is a couple of high open spots that I had to shield my face with may hand! All and I I was fairly comfortable . Wore regular socks .. Feet were 100%, almost hot. Had some "running pants" that I had bought on EBay ... not bad , wee bit breezy but it sure beats shorts. On top I had my metal T with a Cotton sweatshirt and a Nylon Wind Jacket ! The crowning achievement was a wool touque, I almost didn't grab this and am I ever glad I did. I wouldn't wanted to go further dressed like this . I was hot underneath , a little damp from sweat but not really too uncomfortable . So bottom line ... the dress gets a passing grade !

The road was plowed this morning I was running on hard packed snow , a little give along the edge but very similar to running on pavement. The only time I really noticed I was ruining on snow was on Hills. Had to be real careful not to break going down or get too much up on the toes going up or I lost traction. I have been working on landing more on the balls of my foot as compared to the heel by landing under the body instead of in front , this also helped me run in the slippery conditions! Breathing was no problem at all ... it wasn't too cold so I really didn't notice it. I regret not bringing a water bottle , I was craving a drink at the 5K mark.

The route I took wasn't my favorite ! Where I like to go is under a meter of snow! However I really didn't mind, the snow made it all look allot different ! Best part was the fact that it was ploughed this morning.

So , I will be back! I am resigned to get outside and run over the next four months, just have to time it!


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