Monday, December 31, 2007

Missed a good one

Ugh ... last day of 2007 and I missed a chance for a perfect winter run. I was going to head out around 09:00 am , the plow hadn't been by yet and there was a few cm of fresh snow on to of ice . Decided that it was just too dangerous for the road so I planned on heading to work early to hit the gym again. I left the house at 10:00 am.. it was gorgeous out ! -3C, no wind, little ice fog kinda a hazy sunshine and the road was plowed and the running area looked to be hard packed snow . I almost go back up into the driveway to do a road run but I had a time thing going on, had to be at work for Noon.

Anyway I settled for a 10K on the treadmill , 48:04 ! Not fast but it felt like an effort. I my never ending ways of finding creativity on the rubber belt I started off slow , 1st K in 6:00, second in 5:30 then at the 2K mark hot 12 kmh then every 500 meters upped it 0.1 Kmh until I hot 9.5Km then I did 15Kmh for the last 500m. Always different ! Had the heart rate pegged at 174 for the last 500m , heck the last 2 were at 165 bpm . So the 48:04 isn't bad when the first 2 K were so slow.

10K is a funny distance, there isn't enough Ks to make it up in the end. For me its a more less flat out event ! Now long races , start easy , conserve and pick it up as you go .... that's more like it.

Tomorrow is New Years day , maybe , just maybe I may be able to hit the road . Just think only another 3 months to spring ....UGH !


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