Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New toy ... Garmen Forerunner 305

Isn't Christmas wonderful ! Been playing with my Garmen Forerunner 305, unfortunately it will be a few days before I take it for a spin !

Working days this week, yesterday at lunch I squeezed in a 5K at lunch in 23:40. First few K were easy , 11-12 Km/Hour ... last two were at 13.3 Km/Hour ! Uneventful treadmill run hardly worth mention, how I long for spring !

Today , I managed a 10K at lunch. Did it is 48:12 , 800 x 200 5:00km/4:00km intervals. Running like this is as good for the physical side of things as mental ! I really believe I can do a 10K in under 43:00 , best was last May 44:51 ! Varied the elevation between +1% to-1% , two thirds were on the plus side. I believe this helps to break up the monotony of the repetitive foot strike !

Hope to do an easy 16K in the next day or two , it will have to be indoors. Maybe by the weekend I can tale the Garmin for a ride.


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