Saturday, December 29, 2007

No road run today

It thawed overnight , started to freeze this morning so the road run was somewhat dangerous due to ice. The sander had been down the road but the load was in the middle of the road. Its been my experience that running down the middle of the road is not a good idea!

So I jumped in my car and drove 21K to the Gym to run 10K on the treadmill.... doesn't make a whole lot of sense ! On the way to the Gym I noticed the sensation in my right ankle, I was beginning to think that I shouldn't be running at all but I came up with a really good idea....use my trail shoes. Sauconys on a treadmill are like strapping a pair of trampolines on the bottom of your feet , but it worked ! Shorty after I started another fellow came into the Gym so I had a good gab while I was running! Did my 10K in 48 minutes and changed.

I had to drive one of the kids to Angus today. On my return trip there were a couple of people running on the road . I always get a kick out of watching people run. You can tell so much about the person by .the way they run. Its kind of like the guy who guesses your weight at the carnival. A few days ago on my way home from work I saw some folks running down Highway 6. I don't normally take that route but I turned just to drive by and watch them run.
Races are an amazing place to watch other runners , the best time is as they arrive . From the Vanity Plates on there car to the clothes they where to the set of legs they have carved its all very cool.

Maybe tomorrow I can get out on the road .... hm wonder who will be watching me!


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