Saturday, December 8, 2007

Been running

Been a funny week , working nights and running is strange ! All were on the treadmill , did a ...
Wed 3am 7K , stopped at 7 becasue I had to go !
Thurs 3am 7K , stopped at 7 because I had to go back to work.
Fri, 5k at 6am ! Didnt have enough time to run furtehr
Sat , finally a 10K at 4:00 am .

Its been hard to be back on the tradmill after the great runs in Maryland last week. I find myself imagining I am back on teh trails and its summer !

Wed I did an easy run , about 11Kmh east pace. I jumped off at 7K because a I had to go! Thurs was my first attempt at Fartleks, easy run 12Kmh but at the 3,4,5,6,7 K marks I did a 200meter run at 14 mh. Friaday a did a short / moderate 5K in around 23:00. Fianlly this mronnig I did an easy 10K 11/11.5/12 and the last K was at 13.3 Kmh.

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