Sunday, May 25, 2008

LSD Sunday

Great LSD in new Ascis 2130 GT shoes, smooth ride all the way. Nice cushioned landing on the Ball of the foot and a smooth transition through to the front! Guess there is a reason why they are one of the best selling shoes!

27.47Km +654/-667 elevation in 2:41:59. Great weather , started at 12C , ended at 20C . Was a little warm on the last 8K , wind was at my back and I was totally exposed to the Mid Day Sun which was also at my back !

Jelled early and did it twice, 9K and 18K, Drank about .75 L of water , could have used more.

It was a really good LSD , didn't feel too fatigued until the last 5K. Suspect that it was mainly due to heat! Started off with 2 layers up top and a hat , lost the loose over shirt at 3.5 K , the hat at 8K and the base T at the 18K mark. Overall pretty comfortable with the exception of the last 5K where it was getting hot.

Paid a whole lot more attention to the Gels and Water and Heat today , managed it well . The longest I have been going was just short of 25K , wanted to extend it by 5K so I knew I had to pay more attention and eat and drink and take care of the heat before it fatigues me..... it worked !

Not sure what the next run will be , working Eves this week . Kayaking Tuesday !


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