Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trillium 10K

Well , after Mondays fast run I was really pumped about the race , confident that I would better last years 44:51 by a minute or even 2. It didn't happen and I was left feeling very disappointed. So , what went wrong???? I started fast , maybe too fast and began to fade at the 3K mark. I picked it up here and there but it just wasn't working. All kinds of folks passed me , that was the worst as last year only 2 runners passed in the last half of the race.

Here are some suspected reasons...

  • Maybe Mondays speed wasn't a good idea!
  • 6 Cups of coffee within 3 hours of the race
  • A very salty diet this week
  • Trail shoes instead of road
  • Didn't do Gels and drink much water prior to the race
  • Started warming up 30 mins prior to start
  • Went out to to fast , I thought I could string together some 4:15s
  • Hight stress levels at work this past week

That being said it was still a blast to be out. Bumped into lots of folks from previous runs! I am looking forward to next year. After three consecutive years of being faster I didn't make an improvement, some days are like that .... but its still a bummer.


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