Monday, August 18, 2008

Been running .... sort of

After a blistering 10K Friday Evening I managed a slow 10K on Sat and a very slow 5K on Sunday. I felt tired both days and it was hot! I had very little energy , very strange this sort of thing has happened before its quiet rare!

As a leap of faith I signed up for an 8K Road Race in Sauble this Saturday! There is no way to do an LSD this week, working eves and at home with kids. I should be able to get some short runs in , 10K yes .. 16K maybe. I would like to go out fast and short tomorrow then easy and longer on Wed or Thurs reset on Fri race on Sat.

This race is 2 weeks to the day that I did Dirty Girls and a whole Marathon Distance shorter!


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Anne said...

Found your blog at RM- i am a lurker and never post- but the 8k sauble beach caught my eye.
Nice run there- I will be there if a injury dose not keep me at home- Which is Hanover.