Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A couple of trail runs!

Been running trail the pat two evenings. About 12K both times at around a 6min pace. Haven't had time for an LSD, its been 15 days since I went long.... been running but only short distances. I will try to get out again tomorrow , maybe 16 or 21K depending on time. Saturday I have a full day planned at Beaver Valley ... at least 30K ! I havent felt too full of energy , the shorter runs are making me question my ability to go the distance. I never really feel comfortable until the 8-12 K mark . This eve I settled in to a nice pace around 8K , it felt like I could go on for hours ! Paused a couple of times to take in the sights. Ran a new trail and came across an old barn / house foundation. It was probably abandoned 60 or so years ago , wondered who lived there and what life must have been like. Paused on a high ridge that you can see 30-50K, only a few barns/houses visible other wise all bush !

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