Monday, October 27, 2008

10k on the road again!

Another dull damp fall day here in Grey County. Temps at 6C with overcast, occasional rain shower and a lite breeze...Perfect day for a run I would say! So off I went all comfy in my shell. The route I took today consisted of 50% gravel Road, 40% Tractor Trails and 10% Trail. Right Knee was better but still not 100% . Last week Wed it was 50%, Sat it was 70% and today it was 90% . Opened it up after 7K, knee felt good and ran a bit at a 5:00 to 4:30 pace. At 8+k the pain came back a bit but not nearly as bad as before. I am still not ready to go longer yet and wont until I can run a 10K without pain. Working the night shift for the next 7 days so I suspect that I will be taking it indoors , maybe better for the Knee anyway.

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