Friday, October 31, 2008

10K indoors again

Plan was 12K , 4@5:12, 4@5:00 and then 4@4:38 but it didn't quiet work out that way! Just short of 9K I had to go, bad. Decided to cut it short and end at 10K , did 4@5:12, 4@5:00 , 1@4:38 then 1@4:00 ... ended a little under the 50min mark!

Treadmill wasn't so bad, the gym has a 40 some odd inch LCD TV and a good stereo so I brought in a folder of concert DVDs. Today I rocked to a Doobie Brothers performance at Wolftrap! It was better then staring at the walls! Think I have found a new way of entertaining myself indoors... good thing its a long winter.

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