Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nov 1 Trail Run...WOW!

On the trails again! I have been avoiding the tails due to the
leaves covering the hazards. Its been a few weeks since the leaves dropped and they are starting to give way to whats underneath so I thought what the heck ... trail day!

I am working mids this week , slept about 7 hours and woke up at 4 pm to bright Sunshine... I am gone! Checked out the temps and it was a little cool 6C so I decided on pants instead of shorts.

Made out fairly well until the 8K mark then the right knee started to hurt a bit. Ran through the pain again , it really wasn't to bad. The sun was low in the sky so it made from some really nice scenery. Near the end I run into an open field at the back of my property. Its was absolutely a Golden Glow , low sun and dead vegetation made for a really cool site. I need to take a camera with me when I run!

Pace was reasonable , did the 11+K in about 1:07 somewhere around a 6 min pace. Guess this could classify as an easy run but it really does take allot more energy to run off road.

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