Saturday, November 22, 2008

10K Winter Run

First run outside since Nov 5's 18Ker! Temp on the 5th was +20C, today -5C....what a contrast. I have gone from Summer to Winter !

I really do like running on hard packed snow. I was very comfortable , wore running pants , high cut Thoro Socks, Adda's Clima Lite Running Pants, Acis Fleece Line Tech Shirt , Sagoi Shell , Run Mania Buff, Cotton Gloves and Sun Glasses. Heading North for the first 5K there was a light breeze to my back that I didn't even notice. The return was into a breeze , no too bad but if it was stronger or the temp was 5C cooler I think I could use another layer up top!

It was like I was running through as Christmas Card today, only 2 cars in 10K ... very quiet, Lots of snow in the Cedars that lined the road ... very pretty!

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