Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Punta Canna Running

It was another incredibly hot day for a run but I managed to
squeeze out just shy of 8K for a weeks total of 45.61 km on the beach at Punta Canna.
Would have like to have gone longer but it was just too hot. I would go 5Km then cool down and start again. The sand was variable depending on the tides , near high tide it was very soft at the waters edge . It was more like running through mud. As the tide was going out it got better , almost like running on a solid surface. There was always a constant angle, going out and back the ankles got an equal work out! No matter what time of day I went out there were always lots of folks on the beach. Passed the odd runner, only a few serious folks was mostly the " I am on a holiday and I am going to run on the beach crowd. I passed one guy in a full black nylon running suit...he should have been dead. It was funny seeing others react when you flew by them at 30+C .... more then one person gave me that "You must be LOCO Look". I was glad to put on a few Kms but I must say I prefer the weather 20 degrees cooler!

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