Friday, April 3, 2009

13K today

It was a beautiful but wet early spring run! Temps at 9C and
moderate to heavy rain. Headed up the 2nd to the Holland Gelenelg
town line then back, 13K at a 5:31 pace. Wore the Garmin but didn't
look at it until I was home, it felt like I was runnign closer to a 5:00 pace . When you factor in the +/- 400m in elevation change it was closer to a 5:10 pace, to bad Garmin didn't factor in elevation!

I didn't run with music , wanted to hear the natural world and I wasn't disappointed. I love the sound of the rain! In many paces there was fast moving water , the robins, geese and frogs were all making a racket too. Ran down the middle of the road to avoid the puddles and soft parts. I didn't pass a single car the entire way ... running in Grey is great!

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