Thursday, April 23, 2009

Run clinic tonight...

4th Thurs for our 5K run clinic. Once again I was out front with the continuous runners. They picked up the pace a bit this week , around a 6:15 pace. Near the end one of the three I was with had to get home , the last K she did at a 4:30 pace... I was impressed. I looped back and joined the two we left behind and caught up with them at the end. It was a 6K night , 4K at a 6:25 pace then 2K at a 4:30 pace... lots of fun.
Pigged out on a couple of lbs of steak and mushrooms then topped it off with Yogurt... let just say I have loaded up on my Protein! This will be the last big read meat meal prior to Sundays Marathon , time to get into that easy to digest and always yummy pasta!


Richard said...

Enjoy the ride on Sunday morning Ron! I whish I was ready for a marathon. I'll just be chasing that elusive sub 40 min 10 km in St-Laurent! Is this your first Waterloo marathon?

West Grey Runner said...

Yes Richard , this is my first Waterloo Marathon ... as a matter of fact its my first Marathon period! Did a couple of 50Ks but never the 42.2 ... should be interesting!

Good luck on the Sub 40:00 ... thats a fast 10!