Friday, April 24, 2009

5K and thinking...

Yet another 5K indoors at a 5:00 pace. Not going longer this week in preparation for Sundays Marathon made the 1st couple of Ks seem awkward, but after 2K it know that I can go forever and it feels great feeling! Still feeling the effects of my Protein loading , the 2lbs of Steak I ate last night are still making the journey through the body!

Tomorrow... the day before, well I am going to drink more water, I am going to eat lighter , Mac and Cheese / Spaghetti/ Oatmeal ..... smaller lighter meals! I have a reasonable day planned, going to build new entrance steps to the house . Not too much unusual bending or heavy lifting.

The weather for Sunday has changed, 12C and rain! I am OK with that , as a matter of fact I kinda like it. Not sure on what to wear and will probably make some last minute changes based on past experience with what ever weather I may face on Sunday morn!

Been reading a bunch of Boston Race reports ... probably not too good for the mental just before race day!

OK, now for the predicts ..... absolute Gold medal the running Gods were alright and it was downhill with a tail wind kinda a day would be a 3:30:XX day... a stretch but some days I think YES , others I think a wee bit on the overly optimistic side! Silver and allot more realistic would be anywhere between 3:31:XX and 3:51:XX . I suspect that I will fall into this category more towards the 3:4X:XX range. Now my Bronze medal would be earned with a 3:5X:XX finish. My what happened would be anything over 4 hours!