Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting ready for ATB

Did an ATB dry run today , did a 32K run. Passed 29K with an avg 5:05 pace then did a 3k cool down. Still running Myrtle Beach , ran as up Ocean Blvd from 17th St. S. to 82nd St N then I hit the beach continuing North until I hit the river that divides Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. At the river I turned around an headed South on the Beach for 17k. It was cool and 9C at the start , wore my Saugeen Tri Club Jacket / Shorts and Gloves. I was OK heading North into the wind , heading South it started to get a bit warm and then the sun came out at around 22K .... I was over dressed but decided to over heat to make the run tougher. As I passed 29k 3 of my kids were playing in the Ocean , I talked them into joining me for my cool down. Noah dropped out a half a K in , Mason at 2K and Robin hung in there for a full 3K. The poor kid ended up with chaffing as a result of running in wet shorts. When I was done it had really warmed up into the high teens. My wife and daughter were sunning at the pool so I joined them. An Ice Cold beer , an hour in the Sun and a dip pool made for a perfect recovery!!!!!!

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