Friday, March 5, 2010

Running on Empty

Shook the bed at 10:30 this morning , got a coffee in me and hit the treadmill... no food.
It looked OK for running outside , when I took the dog out there was a light breeze and -1C but the road looked really sloppy so I decided to take it indoors. I didn't really intend on an LSD today but I was thinking about the weekend and though that I may not have an opportunity to go long so I kept going.

Managed a 25.5K Run in 2hrs31 mins. Did the first 21.1K at a 5:30 pace. I was starting to feel the effects of no food around 18K, dehydration was another factor that was coming into play. I was going behind O2 wise , the HR was rising and I was really feeling it. At 21.1 K I walked for a half a K , recovered the HR and O2 then picked it up to a 6:00 pace until I hit 25K the I did a 0.5K cool down walk.

Runs like this are so valuable when it comes to recognizing what your body is trying to tell you. Its also an opportunity to set things right. Dehydration as well as a lack of easily available energy can both be overcome. You just have to recognize whats going on and know what to do about it... its not rocket science!

I did consume 2 bottles of Gator Aide but I was really sweating allot. I should have been consuming more fluids and some food to go longer/easier. If I had have had a normal breakfast or been consuming food on the fly it would have been a 30K day. I could have gone a bit further but going at a slower pace meant it was going to cut into my hot tub time....

At work this eve I am walking around with a bit of a Buzz on , combo of being a bit dehydrated and the hangover from an LSD... SWEET!

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