Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mixing it up again....

Today I did a longer faster road run. I really enjoy the tempo , with the exception of the ups and downs then constant pace is very relaxing. Wasn't sure how far or how fast or even where I would end up when I started but I did commit to running 20K non stop. Headed South on the 2nd to the Edges Rd, West crossing HWY 6 when South on the 2nd of Bentick. Crossed over hwy 4 going up Hutton hill then continued South until I got to the Durham Trailer Park Rd heading East into town. I was going to reward myself with a freezy when I got to town , as I approached the 6 and 4 intersection I was a little short of 20K si I ended up detouring across the middle dam then past the police station. Th weather was OK , 22C humid as all be with a variable breeze... not stellar but allot better then what I have been running in. Paused the Garmnin and sat down, first 20K done at an avg 5:54 pace. I towelled off, did a Gel and washed it down with some water before getting my frozen treat. Ate my goodies and watched the world go be before heading out after my nearly 30 minute break. It was really hard to get going again , I knew the 11+K run home would be a bit slower but again I decided to run everything no matter what! Headed through the park then North in the 2nd. Passing Michael Schmidt's farm it 5K to home and I can see my destination. Was a little slower but better then I thought. I was starting to feel my lack of calories and hydration and was really beginning to slow down. With 2.5K remaining my wife drove by , she was heading to Eckharts to meet someone to pick up some fresh Chickens. She wasn't feeling too good suffering from a Migraine and asked me to drive ...I didn't mind cutting it short logging a total of 28.2K in 2hrs50min at an avg 6:02 pace.

When I got home I ate and ate and ate then watched the last 1/2 of the Jays game. My legs we real achey , never get that with the trail runs. I really have to do more road " speed work" and more importantly constant longer runs around 3 hours in duration. The Bayshore 1/2 is in 2 weeks so I am also going to throw in some treadmill work but after today I think I will make tomorrow a rest day.

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