Sunday, June 3, 2012

Epping Lookout to Hoggs Falls vai the Falling Water Trail

 Had the most amazing run today with Anne and Grant.  We met at Tims in Durham at 06:00am.  We headed out after breakfast dropping my car at Hoggs,   Grants Truck aka Aide station at Grahams Hill and then made our way in Anne's car to the Epping Lookout.   We headed out at 07:22 am heading towards Talisman.   The first 10K were quite runnable but a few Ks before Talisman things became much more challenging.  Things were very wet ,  sometimes misty other times there was a steady rain but we we moving along comfortable and really didn't care.  Temperature was very comfortable to slightly cool in the wet conditions ranging between 10 and 12C.    Things opened up a bit after Talisman as we approached the Beaver Valley Ski Club.   Going through Beaver Valley was really well marked but Anne had been through there recently and was able to pick out the blazes.   We only managed to get off track once climbing the better part of a Ski Hill.   Once we passed Bowels Hill the trail got really interesting  truly the best of what the Bruce Trail has to offer.   This section is know as the "Falling Water Trail" and it didn't disappoint.  There was Waterfall after Waterfall after Waterfall and with the falling rain was quite appropriate.  This section was also the most technical and had the greatest elevation of the day.  Stopped at Grahams Hill at Grants truck about 22K in.   I was in need of some Calories and Electrolytes .... had a can of Coke and downed 2 Eload Zone Caps and topped off my water bottle with about 8K remaining.   The can of Coke really picked me up and I had no problem finishing off the run.  

 We were running for 5hrs24min covering 30.4K and for what its worth the Garmin reported a +1921/-1894 meters in elevation. 

 Shot a bunch of Video and will be posting it later in the week when I have had a chance to edit it. 

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