Monday, June 25, 2012

Ultraspire Trail Test

 Had my first opportunity to try out my new Ultaspire Pack with the 2L Bladder Full.   I really noticed the weight at first but it didn't take long to forget I had it on.  The adjustable chest strap with the big elastic across the back really worked well.  At first I had it too loose and it was moving around quite  but when I added just a bit of tension around the chest it settled right down.  Having so many well thought out places to stick stuff rocks!   Its probably not a race day item but if its going to be 30C weather in Creemore or Limberlost the pack will be worn with a full bladder.

 Logged my first run since Niagara today.  Did an easy 11K at an avg 7:24 trail pace.  I have a bit of quad pain still and have been feeling a bit on the tired and hungry.  

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